Ayurveda for Gut Health

Ayurveda for Gut Health

Ayurveda for Gut Health

According to 'Sushrutha Samhita', the Ayurvedic Description of a Healthy Person is:
"sama dosha, sam-agnis cha, sama dhatu-mala-kriyah, prassan-atma-indriya-manah, swatha
iti abhidhiyate." – Sush.Su 15.38

"One whose doshas are well-balanced, whose digestive fire is stable, whose bodily tissues
and removal processes are running normally, and whose thoughts, mind, and self are
furnished with bliss; such a one is called a healthy person."

In recent years numerous studies have revealed out that both the gut bacterial flora and the
mucosal lining integrity of our gut could be actively connected with chronic inflammatory
ailments. There are also verdicts that the endotoxins or toxic substances generated within our
gut entering the bloodstream are potentially creating systemic fiery conditions.

Ayurveda recognises that our digestive system can metabolize several foods (called Agni in
Sanskrit) is a key factor necessary for not just tissue nurture and repair but also maintaining a
properly developed immunity system. The method of Agni/digestive fire working upon food
leading to the development of nutrients/by-products and subsequent building up of body
tissues is known as "dhatu parinama".

This method of tissue-building assists us to realise that
the end product of proper digestion is not nourished muscles alone but a strong defence to
illness and more active tissue repair. Hence any incurable disease with associated digestive signs
cannot be fully treated without curing the digestive system first.

The result of bad digestion is directly linked to a weak digestive fire. (weak Agni) and production
of the toxic substances of unprocessed food referred to as ama. Ama is the waste product of
inadequate digestion. The collection of the ama is considered to be a major cause of sickness. If
you cannot fully digest what you eat, you will invariably experience disease despite any other
actions taken towards managing and enhancing your health.


There are 4 types of Agni

Sama Agni

Sama Agni is also known by the name balanced Agni and people belonging to this class
experience a wide range of health advantages. Sama Agni souls are strong, happy, have a
powerful immune system and suffer from fewer health problems.

Visham Agni

Visham Agni is also known as irregular metabolism. Most Vata dosha dominant people haveVishma Agni.Tikshna Agni Tikshna Agni is associated with the pitta mind-body type. Pitta's light and sharp features normally support this Agni, but sometimes it can inflame it and make it overactive.

Manda Agni

Manda Agni, also called slow metabolism is associated with Kapha mind-body type. The peopleof Manda Agni have slowed and weak digestion.

Tips for better gut health

1. Eat, but keep in mind your Dosha, or body type. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, everyone has three energetic powers of nature or doshas pitta is the power of digestion, vata is the power of action, and Kapha is the power of lubrication. When these three doshas are out of equilibrium, it can wreak destruction on your health and wellness. Each dosha responds to different health systems, so once you understand your dosha, you can begin to make decisions for a better gut!

2. Eat according to the seasons.

The seasonal effect on the doshas is a serious problem, they can make them go out of balance.
So making certain lifestyle choices, especially around how, when and what we eat, can help us
sustain our energies stable. For instance, in the wintertime, we can all incline towards the
heavier root vegetables to ground us. This grows even more essential for the Vata body types
that have more of the space and air component and can grow unsettled during cold and windy
situations. Spices that are warming are also supported during this season.

3. Eat locally and fresh whenever possible.

Your food should be a nutritious and fresh source of Prana or life energy. Processed food that is
neither pure nor nutritious does not help your belly or its comfort factor. The temporary surge
of pleasure is sure to be accompanied by a slump, and over time, can even cause moods of
depression which Ayurveda notes as an ailment that transpires when your life force level is
reduced. Old food is considered of a tamasic character causing related qualities, like dullness
and laziness in a body, as opposed to sattvic, or fresh and regionally and sustainably sourced
food, cooked with mindfulness, which usually causes an upsurge of strength and vitality.

4. Role of Agni

It is essential to balance your 'Agni'. Agni or fire is liable for all digestive and metabolic activities
taking place in the human body. So, if you need to enhance your digestive strength, take care of
your Agni.

Signs of Good Agni

You can tell that your digestive fire is flourishing when...

  1. You feel no trouble after ingesting your meal.
  2. Your belly does not feel full for an unusual length of time after eating.
  3. The food slips so smoothly through your digestive region that you are not even informed of the digestive process.
  4. Elimination occurs at the identical time each day and is consistently well-formed yet soft.
  5. After the completion of digestion, joyful hope for the next meal is present.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Better Gut Health

At Oujasya, we've carefully crafted combos of our products for better digestive health. This combo includes Oujasya Liv, Oujasya Consticlear and Oujasya Amplapitta.

Oujasya Liv - Oujasya Liv blends the restorative qualities of multiple Liver Protecting herbs. It assists fight diseases like Liver Cirrhosis and Fatty Liver. It further Improves Digestion, Help in the Removal of Toxic substances and assists maintain Healthy Skin. Herbs such as Kutki detoxifies the liver and blood, it simultaneously encourages the functions of this vital organ while improving cellular growth and tissue renewal. Kalmegh helps manage Jaundice, Liver
Disorders and reduces Enlarged Liver.

Ingredients: Kalmegh 300mg, Kutki 120mg, Triphala 60mg, Shuddha Guggul 30mg, Chitrakmool 30mg, Shuddha Shilajit 20mg, Neem Q.S.

Oujasya Consticlear - Oujasya Consticlear stimulates bowel actions and allows relief from the strain and pain caused due to Constipation. One should also include certain dietary modifications which include increased consumption of water, eating high-fibre foods and addition of probiotic foods in the diet. physical exercise also helps improve the situation to a great extent.

Ingredients - Sonamukhi 250mg, Nassotar 65mg, Himaj 150mg, Sunth Ghan 35mg, Excipients

Oujasya Amplapitta - Amlapitta in Ayurveda indicates a state of increased acidity in the digestive tract that irritates the gastric mucosa. To a great extent, its symptoms compare to the
situation, which is known in Western medicine as chronic gastritis.