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Oujasya About Us

Oj in Sanskrit means Inner Glow or Inner Wellbeing.

Ojas, comes from the word Oj, and is the quantifiable in the body, responsible for overall health, energy and liveliness. Think of Ojas as the container that holds your abundant energy. It is the ultimate energy reserve of the body and mind. The purest substance in the universe and omnipresent in the human being, Ojas is responsible for higher states of consciousness, purity of thoughts, perfect health, positivity in feelings, love, joy, better immunity, longevity, intelligence, creativity, memory, bliss, and thought process. When an individual’s inner consciousness awakens spontaneously, Ojas increases.

In a nutshell, Ojas is the sap of the entire physiology and sustains the life of an individual.

Ojas, the nectar for life, connects with our body, mind and soul and it is very important to build a good OJAS  

 At Physical Level Ojas is the energy to fight diseases - Immunity

At Mental Level Ojas is the energy of the mind.Strong Ojas means a strong mind. A strong mind is very important for prevention as well as treatment of disease.

Spiritually Ojas helps understand The Absolute Truth

Ojas is very useful to maintain the condition of good health. It not only nourishes all the body constituents but also nourishes the mind. It controls or regulates all the physiological activities and immunity of the body. In Ayurveda it is believed that life cannot exist without Oja in the body. 

 Ayurveda has given significant importance to Ojas due to its presence needed exclusively for survival and performing important functions inside the body. 

 At Oujasya we bring age old Indian traditional wisdom and modern technology together for the betterment of mankind. To serve old traditional Rasayanas/medicine in an easy to use form with the help of technology.