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Oujasya Good Night

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Oujasya Good Night

Can’t sleep at night? This is a story said by many. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, Oujasya Good Night can help you put a stop to that problem. It is the best insomnia treatment in ayurveda, anxiety treatment in ayurveda. Embossed with many calming herbs, Oujasya good night is a supplement for improving sleep which is the body’s way of accumulating the energy we need to function on a daily basis at our max capacity. Imagine gearing up for a presentation and pitching at your lowest energy. Would you, yourself, buy a pitch like that? No. Right? It is said that a human body gets its charge during the night time. If you sleep well, your body is well rested and you can take on the next day with a bang. Oujasya goodnight has shankhavali, kamal and ashwagandha that are brain cell toners. It also has jatamansi and brahmi that are day time tranquilizers and brain cell toners that help to keep tension under control. Sleep comes effortlessly to some people, while falling asleep might be difficult for others. But that is no longer the case. All due to Ayurvedic anxiety treatment. Grab these Ayurvedic Oujasya good night tablets and sleep well every night!

    Quantity – 60 Capsules

    Dosage : One capsule after dinner. 30 minutes before bedtime.

    Minimum Course – 1 Month


    Brahmi Ghan 80mg

    Jatamansi Ghan 30mg

    Nagarmotha Ghan 16mg

    Piplimul Ghan 24mg

    Sarpagandha Ghan 24mg

    Ashwagandha Ghan 24mg 

    Valo Ghan 20mg

    Kapurkachri Ghan 7.5mg

    Vekhand Ghan 40mg

    Malkangni Ghan 90mg

    Krishna Kamal Ghan 48mg

    Khurasani Ghan 8mg

    Sankhpushpi Ghan 80mg

    Excipient Q.S.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Sound Sleep & waking up fresh

      An excellent product to help destress and have a restful sleep. I get up fresh and ready for next days work pressures. Must have for all having a disturbed sleep cycle due to any reason. Moreover it is non addictive as it is Ayurvedic

      praveen pahuja
      Fantastic Product!!!

      The vitamins and supplements have been quite beneficial to my health, are what i consider good quality and the convenience is great. I love it. Works really well. Deep, restorative sleep all the way through the night. I’ll definitely buy it again and recommend it for sure.

      Sound Sleep

      Being a heart patient living on medicines after undergoing Angioplasty in April 2019 sleeping pills were prescribed along with set of regular medicines.;it for side effect related to third use decided to shift to organic ones.Found them to be safe and OK

      5 Star

      Very nice product

      Soumayasattwa Roy
      made my wife have this one...

      now she sleeps all night, and dnt even snore...dnt know, but could be Good Night.