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Oujasya Ira Kaadha

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Oujasya Ira Kaadha

What is every mother’s magical solution to a sore throat? The very Indian, very efficient and very famous kaadha! Bringing to you straight from your grandmother’s kitchen, Oujasya Ira Kaadha. A magical blend of 10 ayurvedic herbs, Oujasya Ira Kaadha is the perfect herbal decoction you need to take care of your sore throat, and it also acts as an immunity booster kadha. It is made with the extracts of jyeshtamadh, kalameri, lavang, tulsi, elaichi, and haridra, among other medicinal herbs that sum up for kaadha benefits. Oujasya Ira Kaadha is an easy to make instant kaadha powder that is a blend of several different ayurvedic herbs. It helps boost immunity while helping in fighting the viral, bacterial and respiratory tract infections. It also provides relief from cold and cough. The kaadha powder is also known to help in providing relief to a sore throat. Oujasya Ira Kaadha is a much better and healthier alternative to caffeinated drinks. This ayurvedic Oujasya Ira Kaadha is a kaadha powder that should be a must have in your kitchen. Have it as a daily morning or night drink, because it’s always nice to be your healthier version everyday.

Quantity: 50gm Powder

Dosage : Quarter Teaspoon (approx. 1gm) in 150 ml hot water (teacup) or half teaspoon (approx. 2gm) in 300ml hot water (coffee mug)

Minimum Course: 3 Months


Elaichi 2.50gm

Lavang 3.47gm

Behadachal 2.50gm

Saunf 2.50gm

Katha 2.50gm

Kalameri 10gm

Jyesthimadhu Powder 2.50gm

Peppermint Extract 0.28gm

Jyesthimadhu Extract 10gm

Cinnamon 4.08gm

Sunth 3gm

Turmeric 1.11gm

Dried Peppermint Leaves 2.78gm

Dried Tulsi Leaves 2.78gm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Gangandeep Singh

    Good concoction to replace tea/ coffee atleast twice a day.
    It is very helpful in common cough and cold. Also improves immunity

    Great Product!

    Best results

    Excellent product

    Found this product while searching the web during the times of COVID-19. Amazing results.

    Arti Sharma
    Very good product

    I am a very lazy person and despite knowing the benefits of kadha I feel extremely lethargic to make the same.But this one came as a quick solution to rely on considering the fact that I just need to add the mix to boiling water.good to go if you are lazy like me. 😎

    Kamalpreet Kaur
    Thanks Oujasya Ira kaadha

    In these times of the virus and its fear , everyone is working to boost his immunity.This product is best.